100 Things to be Happy About: Part 4

41. Cuddles, hugs and snuggles. And huggles.

42. Sharing.

43. A well-stocked refrigerator.

44. Painted fingernails.

Red for Christmas!

45. Independent coffee shops.

46. Spotify for expanding my music library.

47.Chocolate chip pancakes. Whipped cream.

48. Long walks on the beach. Maybe a future resolution?

49. Actually achieving new year’s resolutions by the deadline. 

50.Visits to nearby parks in good weather.

At the park. Yea, I live near here. Jealous?

51. The colors brown, green and pink (does this make you think of Sesame Street? “Brought to you by the color green.”)

52. Spending time with my little cousins and hopefully being a positive influence.

53. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

54. Always having the ability to learn something new.

55. Stripes. 

56. Vegetable gardening and the amazing taste of what you get!

I grew that tomato! And then I ate it!

57. Summer weather, sun dresses and wedges.

58. Girls with guitars. 

59. Flipping pages on a calendar. 

60. Making other people happy. 

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Sedona: Shopping and statues

Why does everything I write about in Sedona start with an ‘S’. Anyone else notice that?

By now you know that my family is little crazy, and me along with them. So it’s probably no surprise that when we went shopping along State Route 89A we only bought a few things. The majority of our ‘shopping’ time was spent taking goofy photos in front of, on top of, or next to, one of the many statues and art pieces installed along the main street.

Piggies! These weird-looking guys were everywhere.

We noticed statues of pigs all over the place. I have about 8 photos of my sister kissing them on their weird little noses.

These pink ones really grossed me out. Something about the bubblegum color of their hide combined with the bright blues of their eyes. They look like they stuck their snout into a bucket full of cupcake sprinkles.

Don’t know what it is about these particular statues but I really hate them. They seem evil. Like they might try to steal your soul and keep it trapped behind their beady little eyes. Is it just me? Do you find them adorable?

Sedona pigs.

One of the things on my list of “Things I Want To Do in Sedona” was to do yoga on top of a mountain.

Well, that didn’t happen because I didn’t want to get red rock sediment all over my yoga mat. Also because it was really hot outside most of the time and I’d rather lounge by the pool in the heat of the day.

But it’s OK. I’m not complaining. I think the hiking, walking and timeshare gym gave me enough of a work out while on vacation.

A candy store along this strip was where I found jalapeno jelly.

Have you ever tasted good, green, jalapeno jelly? It’s delicious! Slap a teeny spoonful into a crater of plain cream cheese on a Triscuit and you’ve got snack heaven.

I'm a horse! Glad you can't see my underwear here. Whew, that was a close one.

I probably should have brought home some souvenir boots, or a cowboy hat, or something.

Instead, I brought back jalapeno jelly, postcards, some great memories, some blackmail photos, and one very full camera SD card.

Things to do this summer

Cheesy, yes, I know. But I LOVE a good list. Really. Love it.

It’s fun to write lists and to put them some place where I can check things off as I do them.

Because when you can check it off, it’s somehow much more productive and efficient than when you do not have a checklist.

So when I saw this post: Make a top ten list of things to do this summer | The Daily Post at WordPress.com obviously, I could not resist.

The summer list

1. Go to the beach at least 3 times (taking frozen grapes in a cooler)

2. Buy fresh fruit and make smoothies in the morning.

3. Host a picnic where I can put food on a grill and use the skewers I bought that have been in a drawer for a year.

4. Plan or take a vacation out of state. (Left a little loophole there, you like that?)

5. Join an adult summer reading program. Because I am already reading, so I might as well get something cool from it.

6. Spend more than a few afternoons near a pool, reading a book (you know, so I can check things off.)

7. Enjoy a summer concert or movie in the park.

8. Go to an exercise boot camp. Preferably one that does not start before 10 a.m.

9. Participate in some sort of water sport, such as kayaking, water rafting, paddle boarding, canoeing, etc.

10. Get my bicycle fixed and use it instead of a car at least once, like to buy groceries.

Strawberry Peach Vodka Collins Popsicle Recipe

Strawberry Peach Vodka Collins Popsicle Recipe.

Holy moly. Did you know you can freeze vodka into an adult Popsicle? I sure didn’t, but now I really want to try. This would be just the perfect thing to take to the beach on a hot day.

Or a picnic, or the pool… so many possibilities!

Though I wonder how many popsicles = an adult mixed drink?