100 Things to be Happy About: Part 6/Finale

81. Long hot bubble baths.

82. Wearing hats!

83. A strenuous yoga session followed by total relaxation.

84. Playing in the snow!

Snow, hats... all kinds of goodness. Do you feel like I'm leaning toward the right in EVERY photo?

85. Inside jokes and looking back at the ridiculous notes my friends and I wrote thinking we were brilliant in high school.

86. Take out for dinner. I don’t do it more than a few times a month but I really enjoy the novelty of it. Particularly the dinner meals at Thai Gulf!!

87. Spending time alone. My Meyers-Briggs says I’m on the border of introvert/extrovert so it does make sense that I seriously enjoy my alone time.

88. Old but good movies.

"His Girl Friday"

89. Country music. And having two country radio stations. (What doesn’t make me happy is when they are both playing commercials. That’s when I switch over to NPR or play a CD)

90. My church. Because the people there are super friendly and genuinely nice, and because they totally  make sense.

91. Holidays. All of them.

92. Enjoying a really good salad. Because salads should always be delicious, but they aren’t always.

93. Writing letters on Wonder Woman stationary like a 12-year-old.

94. Vodka tonic with lemon. And girls’ night out martinis.

95. Having a friend who knows exactly who to call when you’re tipsy on a street corner 🙂 (We could also file this under ‘memories.’)

96.  Getting dressed up but not because I have to.

97. Cleaning. I don’t always enjoy the cleaning part, but looking at the result sure makes me happy.

98. Flossing my teeth. I know this is weird. But we’re near the end and I’m running out of the cool things to say. I feel like I’m responsible when I floss, and I like feeling that there’s no food between my chompers.

99. Cheering on sports teams and joining the crowd in a chant or the wave.

100. Finishing this list!

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100 Things to be happy about

Tomatoes everywhere!

I have been harvesting the tomatoes. The early girls are bountiful and freaking delicious. The heirloom are rather funky to look at but they taste wonderful, and the little orange tomato-lemons are sweet and tender. My favorite though, are the teardrop shaped yellow tomatoes. I intended to put them into salads, but instead I just eat them straight.

The harvest isn’t as big this year as last. I’m blaming the weather.  I branched out more this year and tried new varieties, so it could be that I chose lower-producing plants this year also.

The tomatoes from last year’s fall harvest went into the freezer, so at some point we will be making homemade chili. Or spaghetti sauce. Something like that.

These early girls went straight to the salad bowl. Regular salad with the fresh Parmesan, green leaf lettuce and Caesar dressing. Croutons when I remember to buy them. And tomatoes!

Cutting up the Early Girl tomatoSalad in an orange bowl.Haha. My nails almost match the tomato in this lighting.

We didn’t JUST have salad for dinner. To go with it, I made a basil cream sauce and chicken.

Found the recipe using the AllRecipes.com app on my phone. Here, if you want to try. It’s really easy, and delicious. Especially if you have fresh basil around.

Is it just me or is tomatoes spelled funny? Every time I type that, I think “toma-TOES!”

Basil cream sauce, with chicken and red pepper instead of the pimentos the recipe calls for.



Farmers market clams

After my thrilling trip to the farmers market we made dinner – pasta and clams, and salad with those baby zucchini things the farmer guy gave me.

Here it is!

Steaming the clams. I bought a 1/2 lb.

We pulled all the clams out of their little shells and added them to the sauce, but I think maybe we should have cut the little black parts out. Ew. One of the clams only opened a little bit so I forced it the rest of the way and then I ate it as an appetizer. That’s what you get, clam, for not opening properly.

Soooo steamy!

The sauce was made from olive oil, a little flour, garlic, white wine, and clams.

All these delicious flavors cooking together.

the discard.Ta da!

Farmer’s Markets are the best (or, my new addiction)

The other day I stopped at a Farmer’s Market, on something of a whim.
And, you know, to support local farmers, eat healthier, all the usual suspects.

But I think this is the beginning of a habit.

The Farmer’s Market where I ended up is small. It only took a few minutes to make my way around the booths and decide what I wanted.

I was surprised to see fish there. And oysters, clams and mussels! I asked, and the surly man in the tent said they come down from Washington and Oregon. I bought some clams, but I feel like if I’m buying from a local market, the food really should be local.

I also picked up a bunch of dandelion, lettuce and strawberries, and was given a bunch of tiny zucchinis to try in the salad. They were picked with the flower still attached. The very kind farmer-man said to eat them chopped up in salad, or to grill or pan fry.

And the strawberries! Can I tell you about the strawberries? They were AMAZING. So sweet, delicious, perfect and ripe. And big, organic and local. From just the next town over. I may have force-fed a my coworkers some of these strawberries.

I am already excited to go back next week!

If you’re interested, and you live in CA like me, you can find the farmer’s markets on this website.

Happy shopping!

100 Ways to Use a Tomato

100 Ways to Use a Tomato.

Click that link, I dare you.

That, my friends, is how I will be spending the summer.

Though one of the tomato plants did not make it (RIP little buddy) the other nine are alive and well, green and bushy and beautiful and getting strong so they can bear hundreds of little tomatoes for me to eat!

Looking forward to learning all these things to do besides chop into wedges for a salad, make caprese salad, and eat raw. Oh, and make chili. Yea, that’s going to happen.