Fashion Friday: Elusive leopard

OK Folks, I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of leopard print shoes for a really long time.

I see the cutest shoes on other people but all the shoes I saw out in stores looked cheap or trashy or cost more than $100. Sometimes all three.

And then… I stopped in three shoe stores one day and at Target I found adorable, comfortable leopard print flats that are not too expensive!  I bought the same shoes in red 🙂 You might remember those from this other post when I hung out in the coffee shop all morning when my meeting got cancelled.

I also recently got really, really cute wedges that were a belated Christmas present after much sending back and forth with The Zappos people were super nice, btw. You can see those on this post where I wore them ALL DAY and to a 2-hour concert rehearsal where I was standing most of the time. By the time I got home I practically had to peel the darn things off my feet.

So these leopard print shoes are flats and they don’t give my feet blisters, so it’s really a win for everyone. 🙂




Happy Fashion Friday, everyone!

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Fashion Friday: At home

I took the day off today to sleep some extra hours while I try to beat this cold. I’ve been sniffling all week, and today started the sore throat. I tend to get colds in pieces – when the sniffling goes away the sore throat comes out, and so on. I’m hoping to break that by sleeping away the afternoon, though I will probably work for a few hours after I wake up.

Since I’m absolutely not about to take a Fashion Friday picture of myself looking as I do right now, you’ll have to settle for a Polyvore creation that simulates what I am wearing. Though I don’t own leopard print shoes… yet. I’m still looking for the perfect pair. If I ever leave the house today maybe I’ll stop in a shoe store 🙂

Happy Fashion Friday!

Sick day to restful night
I think I’ve finally figured out how to link pictures to their source. Please let me know if I am doing it wrong! This blogging stuff can be tricky!

Fashion Friday!