St Patty’s Day!

St Patty's Day
You’ll be happy to know I am no longer the crazy crazy on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s already 2 p.m. and I have not had even one drink — If I had this blog years ago I’d be typing gibberish on my 3rd 40 of Guinness by now!
I’m headed out to a pub in an hour to join the crowds. Wearing a green long sleeve shirt though I would LOVE to wear a dress like the one above. It’s raining outside and I’ve got a little sore throat so I’m takin’ it easy and staying warm instead of being cute and fashionable.
Have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Not quite ready…


I’m not quite ready for the holidays to end.

After tonight, the tree comes down, the cards come off the wall and the mantle is bare.

Basically the house will look empty until we get used to not having decorations everywhere.


Goodbye, 2011.

You were a good year.