Fashion Friday: Concert black

Classical music concert clothes
In reality, I’ll be wearing a black long sleeved dress, black tights and black flats, because that’s our concert attire. But the black long sleeved dress on Polyvore had one of those ugly price tags next to it so I went with the cuter, and less realistic, no-sleeved dress. Seriously, though, how CUTE is that dress?  And it’s supposed to be cold and rainy again, so I’ll need my trusty black coat so I don’t freeze at the reception!

How can we keep from singing?

Despite this crazy scheduling, I’m feeling pretty darn good.

I’ve found a few hours here and there for myself (for instance, skipping everything this morning so I could see my man and my bff and have lunch) but somehow the week has just not been as stressful as I anticipated.

This could be due to finding little pockets of relaxation, but I think what really does it for me is that I’m spending an average of 3 hours a day concentrating on nothing but music.

That relaxes me, and makes me happy. I feel good, though tired, at the end of every rehearsal.

All I’m thinking about are the notes, and the sound, and listening. It’s easy to be in the moment when the moment is so  good!

And yes, I haven’t had much time to see my boyfriend this week, or to go out with friends, but I’m not harried or crazy faced. The rehearsal time makes the rest of my week go well.

So in the future if I start overextending myself on projects and volunteering, I’ll have to remember this. As long as I’m overextended but doing something I love, it’s totally worth it.

After our concert tonight (7:30pm at Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist) I’ll start rehearsing my recital song for next Sunday’s performance — it’s just one song, and it should be fun. I’ll be doing “Still Hurting” from The Last Five Years.

You’re all invited to my recital, too, if you want to come by 🙂

Singing! Tonight in Long Beach! Be there and say hi!

My choir is performing tonight at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m. and I can’t wait!

Here’s our preview video recorded a few weeks ago… we sound even more amazing now, if you can believe it.

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you are around OC/LA/LB please drop in!

Saturday December 10, 7:00 p.m.
Sunday December 11, 4:00 p.m.
$20 adults, $15 students
Grace First Presbyterian Church, 3955 Studebaker, Long Beach
Buy tickets here or at the door. (But we’re almost sold out for Sunday, so hurry! Saturday’s still good.)

“This holiday season, we’re singing the praises of one of history’s most famous women! We’re excited to perform the U.S. premiere of Cecilia McDowall’s “Magnificat,” along with works by Javier Busto, William Billings, and Conrad Susa. You’ll also hear African-American spirituals, an energetic setting of the famous West Indies tune “The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy,” and much more. There’s something about Mary—and we know you’ll love this program of music in her honor!”

Who wants to adopt me?

As part of my choir’s fundraising campaign, we are giving people the chance to “adopt” a singer.

Our lovely marketing guru wrote up these bios on all the singers, and guess who one of the featured singers is?

That’s right, me!

If you’re interested in reading, my bio is online here. We appreciate any and all donations, no matter the size. Heck, I’d be happy for a 15 cent donation 🙂

We have a concert coming up Dec. 10 and 11 that is virgin Mary themed for the holidays

I am very, very, very excited to be singing a solo on one of the movements in the Cecilia McDowall’s “Magnificat.” Though I’ve got to say, our other soloists are simply incredible.

And our performance marks the U.S. premiere of the piece! It should be a good show. If you’re in the LB-area please stop by!

Yup, that’s us! 🙂

I get to sing Bogoroditse Devo!

I sing. In the shower and in the car, and sometimes in my room, and sometimes at Vincent’s house while I’m cooking.

I also sing with a group of about 50 other people who sing. And for our December concert, we get to perform Rachmaninoffs “Bogoroditse Devo.” Yay! It’s my first Rachmaninoff (v?) piece and I’m quite excited about it. And quite sure I’ll screw up the pronunciation somehow.

The brilliant part of singing in a group is that probably no one will hear you screw up if everyone else does it right!

If you want to hear our version (and a buncha other great music) the concert info is here and the show is Dec. 10 and 11 in Long Beach.

Things to do this summer

Cheesy, yes, I know. But I LOVE a good list. Really. Love it.

It’s fun to write lists and to put them some place where I can check things off as I do them.

Because when you can check it off, it’s somehow much more productive and efficient than when you do not have a checklist.

So when I saw this post: Make a top ten list of things to do this summer | The Daily Post at obviously, I could not resist.

The summer list

1. Go to the beach at least 3 times (taking frozen grapes in a cooler)

2. Buy fresh fruit and make smoothies in the morning.

3. Host a picnic where I can put food on a grill and use the skewers I bought that have been in a drawer for a year.

4. Plan or take a vacation out of state. (Left a little loophole there, you like that?)

5. Join an adult summer reading program. Because I am already reading, so I might as well get something cool from it.

6. Spend more than a few afternoons near a pool, reading a book (you know, so I can check things off.)

7. Enjoy a summer concert or movie in the park.

8. Go to an exercise boot camp. Preferably one that does not start before 10 a.m.

9. Participate in some sort of water sport, such as kayaking, water rafting, paddle boarding, canoeing, etc.

10. Get my bicycle fixed and use it instead of a car at least once, like to buy groceries.