Here I am.


Sorry little blog, I’ve been neglecting you. There have been weekends away, and evenings spent like this, followed by multiple episodes of Battlestar Galactica. (I’m not surprised that’s already in my phone dictionary, but I don’t remember saving it!) Anyway, I’ll make an effort to post, even if its all, ‘look how good I am at eating’ and, ‘look how cozy my evenings are.’

My mistake…

I put the sponges in the dishwasher and…



We have one sponge with a plastic handle that had less than a tablespoon of dish soap still in it. I foolishly thought it would be fine because it’s only a little extra dish soap.

Little did I know… I won’t be making *that* mistake again!



Yea, its totally kind of gross and poky and boring to donate blood, but if you can, please do.

Word on the street is there’s a shortage in the summer and goodness knows if I got in an accident I’d want to know they could refill me with a matching blood type.

Its also possible the Red Cross Vampire league is hungrier in warmer months.

Either way, it is the right thing to do.