Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!
It sucks that the Fourth of July is on a Wednesday this year. Wish we didn’t all have to work the day before and after!
My holiday ritual goes something like this: Wake up early-ish, dress in red, white and blue, head down to the parade and walk around the parade route, maybe eat a hot dog, take some pictures that will look just like the pictures I took last year, then find a spot to watch the fireworks at night.
Last year we made smoothies with strawberries (red), vanilla ice cream (white) and blueberries (duh) for a nice patriotic snack. They came out purple.
This year I’m mixing it up a little bit — just a little — going to a friend’s Fourth of July party in the afternoon by the beach after the parade.
I hope you all enjoy the mid-week celebration of Independence Day!
My Memorial Day/Flag Day/Fourth of July wreath is (still) up on the door, and my boyfriend has even gotten some compliments on it! Teehee.

A stealthy Memorial Day wreath

You can't NOT love this thing.

You can’t NOT love this thing.

This thing is mine. I love the patriotism of the wood, the red, white and blue, and the hearts & stars.

It’s just perfect for Memorial Day. And Flag Day.ย And Fourth of July. And pretty much every holiday from here through August.

Somehow it finds a way to the closet not long after each of those holidays has passed, so I’ve moved it to a place where no one will put it in the closet but me, when the time has come.

He might not know it yet because he doesn’t often use the front door, but my wreath has found a home at my boyfriend’s house.


St Patty’s Day!

St Patty's Day
You’ll be happy to know I am no longer the crazy crazy on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s already 2 p.m. and I have not had even one drink — If I had this blog years ago I’d be typing gibberish on my 3rd 40 of Guinness by now!
I’m headed out to a pub in an hour to join the crowds. Wearing a green long sleeve shirt though I would LOVE to wear a dress like the one above. It’s raining outside and I’ve got a little sore throat so I’m takin’ it easy and staying warm instead of being cute and fashionable.
Have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day!

A weekend walk in the park

I’m such a sucker for this park near my house, and one of my favorite things (I know, I have a lot of those…) is to go there for breakfast or lunch, sit outside with the people who have dogs, and then go for a walk around the park. On Sunday we skipped church and had a leisurely day outside.

Every time I go to the park I see something different. The landscaping and inhabitants seem to change in between my visits.

Interesting people come to this park — I’ve seen medieval style duels with wooden weapons, a clan of bagpipe players that frequent the amphitheater in the summer, people taking wedding photos or quinceanera photos, and this time, a group dressed in some sort of native American garb?, dancing and pounding drums. We could hear the drums from the other side of the park. I thought for sure it was the renaissance faire group. I was wrong.

These are some of the photos I took this last weekend on my cell phone:



Starting to look like spring!


What kind of bird is that? We saw a few of them around, but only in singles.


Pink petals flying through the breeze, landing on this pathway.


The trees where the airborne petals originated, and the background on my cell phone this week. I get impatient and change the backgrounds frequently.


If you look closely, you can see the lake.


Sitting inside at the restaurant. I didn’t even know that they had an inside section!


V-day lovin’

Whew! Glad that week is over but I had an amazing time and enjoyed singing with new people!

Since every day is like Valentine’s Day (cheesy, yes, but true!) and because I’m weird and don’t really want to do V-day any way… Last night was perfect.

It was pajama pants and slippers, cod, Mac n cheese, wine from the cellar (by cellar I mean the cardboard box in the closet under the stairs, lest you think I’m classy) great conversations, and Bones and New Girl. The perfect night!

My man got my favorite sweet, chocolate covered pretzels, and picked me up a muffin for breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s the best.

And I used the faux holiday as an excuse to gift — I made a hardcover Shutterfly book of our trip to Japan! It came out gorgeous, and I love the way the pics on the cover and backcover look. Super happy about that! I think he liked it!

Tonight I return to the gym. My self esteem requires it.


These are the biggest asparagus I’ve seen. Holy steroids, Batman!



Girl Scout cookie time…

Is it strange that Girl Scout cookies basically have their own season? And one that everyone pays attention to, even more than spring or summer or fall?

It’s impossible to escape. Life goes on as normal but everywhere you go there are adorable little girls yelling their sales pitch from every street corner and the entrance to every Trader Joe’s.

How do you say no to such cute little expectant faces?

You can’t. At least not the first time.

But once those cookies are in the freezer and you’ve safely eaten a few, it’s a little easier to say ‘no, thank you.’

As much as I want to support every single Girl Scout troop in every city I frequent, it’s just not possible. So this year I will limit myself to just a couple boxes, and try not to eat an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting while I watch Vampire Diaries. It’ll be hard, I know. I’m sure you feel my pain.

As a kid, the Thin Mints were the best. Hands down. No contest.

But tastes change, and now I’ve gotta say, the Samoas are the best.Even though they are probably the most unhealthy for you (I didn’t just make that up – I read it here.)

Via the Huffington Post

So I’ll try to eat the cookies mindfully, knowing I’m supporting a good cause, and my sweet tooth. I might have to hide a couple boxes somewhere for myself to discover in 6 months when I’ve forgotten all about them ๐Ÿ™‚

Have your favorite cookies stayed the same? It can’t just be me who’s discovered new tastes..

Happy Lunar New Year!

Here at RubySongbird, we love a good celebration.

Big welcome to all the water-dragon babies coming into this world and wishing everyone a happy and successful 2012!

Clearly this year of the dragon means more House Targaryen in Game of Thrones! And I will FINALLY finish the last book. For sure, this time. Because my other books are starting to feel neglected.

Lunar New Year!