Dressing up like fairies

Not long ago I took my cousin to an event for girls where everyone under age 15 dresses up like a fairy and gets to dance around in glitter and pastels.

It was a good excuse for me to be surrounded by all things pixie, but also a fun bonding experience. We got our faces painted and glitter put in our hair, ate lunch together and had a lovely day outside.

A funny thing about kids — they can be suddenly very shy for no reason I can figure out. My cousin is usually perfectly happy bossing around her brother and her dad, but standing in line for fairies, she took my hand and didn’t let go until after we got inside.


They really did an amazing job decorating the park!


Little fairies everywhere, lining up for manicures, hair styling and glitter, and cute crafts!

Lots of adults and kids here, even a couple little boys dressed like Peter Pan, but I did not wear wings. My ode to fairies is the flower and the glitter in my hair.




This, sir, is trench coat weather

It’s been all grey skies, drizzly clouds and a chill in the air the last few days. This is wonderful because it’s a great reason to wear all the long sleeved shirts and sweaters I unpacked from storage BUT for whatever reason I have been Just. So. Tired. lately.

When I wake up, I’m groggy and just want to cuddle back under the sheets, comforter, and quilt I’ve got piled on the bed. My fuzzy rainbow slippers are never far from my feet, and I’ve been burning apple orchard candles every day (right now, in fact).

I’m not sure if my recent extra-sleepiness has to do with the weather, or daylight savings changes, or maybe I’m B12 deficient again? No idea, but it sucks getting sleepy early and not being able to get out of bed like a normal person.

Also, my camera is broken, so you’ll have to settle for old photos for a while until my shiny new gadget is returned to me.

This is also cookin’-at-home weather… below are the pictures from when I made Basil Cream Chicken.

Basil in a bowl.

This recipe is a good excuse to use up the big basil leaves on Vincent’s plant. That thing is HUGE. And has lots of tasty leaves to contribute to my food.

You can see the bugs like it too — gross.

Pimentos. Colorful peppers!

I just love all the bright reds, yellows and greens of the pimento peppers I bought for this recipe. And I love that the peppers aren’t spicy at all.

Funny story — when we accidentally ordered pad Thai and forgot to say ‘mild’ I didn’t make it past a few bites before my face turned red and my tongue started burning. I am definitely a ‘mild’ anti-spicy girl.

The finished product is just heavy enough to be filling but not so much that I feel fat for the rest of the night. You know the feeling, yes?

The colors don’t really come through but since I took this under bad lighting with a cell phone camera with no flash I’ll let this one slide 🙂

Basil Cream Chicken

I can’t believe it’s October




Wow. September came and went and I barely noticed.

In fact, I probably would still think we are in September if my roommate hadn’t done our apartment up like Haunted Mansion.

I jumped a good 3 feet when the metal skeleton fell off the front door the other day.
Sadly, with fall (oh, how I love fall! Seriously, is there anyone who does not rate fall the no. 1 season?) comes the end of harvesting.

I’m still getting a bunch of the juicy little yellow tomatoes, but barely any red or orange ones are left. It might have something to do with me forgetting to water, but I’m gonna say its the weather’s fault.

Anyway, these are my snack for tomorrow!

And I couldn’t NOT share a picture of the mutant ginormous (yes, dictionary, that is a word) blackberries from the market. Holy cow. They’re each, like, the size of 2 regular blackberries fused together. Scary.

And delicious.

And the final photo is from dinner. Cod, mac n cheese, and asparagus. Because we are adults, which means mac n cheese totally counts as part of a balanced meal!

Tomatoes everywhere!

I have been harvesting the tomatoes. The early girls are bountiful and freaking delicious. The heirloom are rather funky to look at but they taste wonderful, and the little orange tomato-lemons are sweet and tender. My favorite though, are the teardrop shaped yellow tomatoes. I intended to put them into salads, but instead I just eat them straight.

The harvest isn’t as big this year as last. I’m blaming the weather.  I branched out more this year and tried new varieties, so it could be that I chose lower-producing plants this year also.

The tomatoes from last year’s fall harvest went into the freezer, so at some point we will be making homemade chili. Or spaghetti sauce. Something like that.

These early girls went straight to the salad bowl. Regular salad with the fresh Parmesan, green leaf lettuce and Caesar dressing. Croutons when I remember to buy them. And tomatoes!

Cutting up the Early Girl tomatoSalad in an orange bowl.Haha. My nails almost match the tomato in this lighting.

We didn’t JUST have salad for dinner. To go with it, I made a basil cream sauce and chicken.

Found the recipe using the AllRecipes.com app on my phone. Here, if you want to try. It’s really easy, and delicious. Especially if you have fresh basil around.

Is it just me or is tomatoes spelled funny? Every time I type that, I think “toma-TOES!”

Basil cream sauce, with chicken and red pepper instead of the pimentos the recipe calls for.



Dinner: Onions and fish. And bell peppers

It’s been so long since I cooked this and took these pictures I’m honestly not really sure what the white fish is. So… we’ll just say it’s white fish. And I’m guessing it was cooked on the stove, with a little bit of butter, olive oil and truffle sauce.

To go with it, we had bell peppers, from the store. My bell pepper plant is puny and sad. I’m not really sure what I did wrong. It was doing really well, but the green bell pepper never turned red like it was supposed to. And it never got to the size I expected of it. And now my single lonely bell pepper is all shriveled up like a sad old lady.

The ones you see in the picture below came from the grocery store, but they were only $.50 each, so it was a steal.

Onions!!! Yum. And garlic.

Onions and wine. Great combination.

This reminds me. I did not cry while cutting the onions. Maybe I really am immune?

Bell peppers, onions, garlic and oil.

One day, the doctors are going to cut into my blood stream and find that the majority of my fluids are made of olive oil and wine.

Hm. Maybe that’s not good.

Done! That's a 20 minute meal. Top right is cheese bread fresh baked at the grocery store. I'm not even going to pretend I looked at the calories because honestly I don't want to know.



Garden is winding down for the season

My garden is on it’s way out, I’m afraid.

I got these gross-looking bugs that kind of look like dinosaurs. Black with a hump, spikes and red dots. They can jump, but on the stem of my tomato plants they seem to congregate and attach, sucking the sap out of my plants.

http://www.whatsthatbug.com/2005/06/21/treehopper-nymphs/ I think this is what they are. What’s That Bug? website identifies them as tree hopper nymphs.  My boyfriend tried to remove some from the stem using his hands and a paper towel, and said they are spiky. He could feel the poke through the paper towel. They also jump down, which can be shocking.

Bug spray seems to take care of them, but my tomato stem was left blackened and bruised. Does anyone have tricks to keeping them away in the first place? I had the same problem last year.

The strange part is, they don’t seem to be spreading to the other tomato plants in the yard.

Photo courtesy of What's That Bug?


Here’s a picture of some very green but soon-to-be-delicious tomatoe

These will turn yellow soon, and then I will eat them.



Dinner: French onion soup

Yes, it’s summer and yes, it’s hot outside.

But it cooled down to the 50s and soup seemed like a good plan. Plus, I love onions. And the burn of the onion afflicted everyone else in the room but me, which must mean…

I’ve developed a super power that allows me to chop onions without crying!

Life-long goal achieved!

Just kidding.

Boyfriend made cod, cooked in a pan with butter, lemon juice and a teeny bit of imitation white truffle sauce. Mmm.

And I bought green beans from Henry’s Farmers Market, boiled in a pot with garlic salt, pepper and Italian herbs.  It all came out incredible. Especially the fish. Flaky and soft, sweet and light. Great job.

The beans were tasty, too, but they cooled down very quickly once I took them off the stove. Not sure how to keep them warm on the table for longer.

Either way, the meal was a serious success.

Onions in a ridiculously large pot.


Washed and ready to cook.


Making crusty bread from tiny bread rolls and melting cheese in the oven.


Clearly that fish is not ready to eat yet.

Beef broth has been added.


Ding! The green beans are done!


French onion soup


A little blurry, but not bad. I should add that our recipe comes from AllRecipes.com. Just search “French onion soup” and pick the highest rated recipe.

Bon appetit!