Dressing up like fairies

Not long ago I took my cousin to an event for girls where everyone under age 15 dresses up like a fairy and gets to dance around in glitter and pastels.

It was a good excuse for me to be surrounded by all things pixie, but also a fun bonding experience. We got our faces painted and glitter put in our hair, ate lunch together and had a lovely day outside.

A funny thing about kids — they can be suddenly very shy for no reason I can figure out. My cousin is usually perfectly happy bossing around her brother and her dad, but standing in line for fairies, she took my hand and didn’t let go until after we got inside.


They really did an amazing job decorating the park!


Little fairies everywhere, lining up for manicures, hair styling and glitter, and cute crafts!

Lots of adults and kids here, even a couple little boys dressed like Peter Pan, but I did not wear wings. My ode to fairies is the flower and the glitter in my hair.




“…when your mind wanders”

I saw this at a coffee shop not long ago. This saying is so spot on.

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away… kidding. I haven’t even seen Star Wars), I would have seen this and thought, ‘No, crazy, you need better control of your mind.’

This is not the only saying I was wrong about in my misguided youth. You can’t spend years avoiding what your wandering mind is trying to tell you and not learn anything from it.