On our second day at Eynsham Hall we decided to skip Blenheim and go into the little town of Witney. As the bus didn’t run on Sunday, we decided (foolishly on my part) to walk the more than 3 miles into town.

The walk was lovely, past beautiful little houses, fields of sheep and cows, and gorgeous views.

By the time we got to town my feet were aching fiercely. So we stopped for a pint and crisps (which were pork rind) at the closest pub, the Blue Boar. They had a hog roast on the back patio and live music.

We wandered around the main street and market square down to the church, and walked around the grounds because the church closed 5 minutes before we got there.

One thing I didn’t expect in England is the bees. They’re everywhere and because there aren’t screens on the windows they fly sometimes indoors. I’m afraid to get stung somewhere nasty, like my eyeball.

We took a cab back to our hotel.


One comment on “Witney

  1. Michael Doss says:

    That’s the best package of anything I’ve ever seen.

    My friend living in Italy was remarking at the total lack of screens in Europe. We really need to make a startup to sell them.

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