Warped Tour 2012

That’s right, Warped Tour. You know, that concert you went to when you were 17. That’s the one.

So many teen girls in line at the door we nearly confused it with a Justin Bieber concert. Once we got inside there were more people our age and older, though the grounds were still dominated by the high school crowd.  I have never seen so many girls wearing a bra — not a swimsuit top — without a shirt on. Maybe if I were younger and wearing cute underwear I’d do the same.

The shows were really, really good. None of the bands disappointed. I got to introduce some friends to Anti-Flag, and they introduced me to Taking Back Sunday, a band I had stealthily avoided the last time I went to Warped Tour, years ago. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of kids who knew the lyrics at Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard.

And even though some bitch landed on my head failing to crowd surf, I had a really, really good time… though I realized I’m too old for crowd surfing. You should really be less than 125lbs to hop up on strangers.

We totally got photo-bombed. Haha.





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