Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!
It sucks that the Fourth of July is on a Wednesday this year. Wish we didn’t all have to work the day before and after!
My holiday ritual goes something like this: Wake up early-ish, dress in red, white and blue, head down to the parade and walk around the parade route, maybe eat a hot dog, take some pictures that will look just like the pictures I took last year, then find a spot to watch the fireworks at night.
Last year we made smoothies with strawberries (red), vanilla ice cream (white) and blueberries (duh) for a nice patriotic snack. They came out purple.
This year I’m mixing it up a little bit — just a little — going to a friend’s Fourth of July party in the afternoon by the beach after the parade.
I hope you all enjoy the mid-week celebration of Independence Day!
My Memorial Day/Flag Day/Fourth of July wreath is (still) up on the door, and my boyfriend has even gotten some compliments on it! Teehee.

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