My mistake…

I put the sponges in the dishwasher and…



We have one sponge with a plastic handle that had less than a tablespoon of dish soap still in it. I foolishly thought it would be fine because it’s only a little extra dish soap.

Little did I know… I won’t be making *that* mistake again!

Warped Tour 2012

That’s right, Warped Tour. You know, that concert you went to when you were 17. That’s the one.

So many teen girls in line at the door we nearly confused it with a Justin Bieber concert. Once we got inside there were more people our age and older, though the grounds were still dominated by the high school crowd. ¬†I have never seen so many girls wearing a bra — not a swimsuit top — without a shirt on. Maybe if I were younger and wearing cute underwear I’d do the same.

The shows were really, really good. None of the bands disappointed. I got to introduce some friends to Anti-Flag, and they introduced me to Taking Back Sunday, a band I had stealthily avoided the last time I went to Warped Tour, years ago. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of kids who knew the lyrics at Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard.

And even though some bitch landed on my head failing to crowd surf, I had a really, really good time… though I realized I’m too old for crowd surfing. You should really be less than 125lbs to hop up on strangers.

We totally got photo-bombed. Haha.






Internet pirates are *so* much less exiting than the fictional world of the kindly dastardly sea-faring type. I had a Groupon/LivingSocial/DealoftheDay thing for Pirates Dinner Theater.

After a super stressful day driving all the heck over the county, this was the perfect way to end the day. Giant strong drinks, good friends, explosions, people dressed up in costume who don’t break character even when you try…

A great night.

Both of us were chosen as volunteers, so our team won, of course. My game was throwing bags of fake gold up to the pirates, and he wore a vest and pirate hat and carried stuff up to the ship. I wish I had better pictures, but it’s kind of dark in there.

Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando and California.






Yea, its totally kind of gross and poky and boring to donate blood, but if you can, please do.

Word on the street is there’s a shortage in the summer and goodness knows if I got in an accident I’d want to know they could refill me with a matching blood type.

Its also possible the Red Cross Vampire league is hungrier in warmer months.

Either way, it is the right thing to do.


Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!
It sucks that the Fourth of July is on a Wednesday this year. Wish we didn’t all have to work the day before and after!
My holiday ritual goes something like this: Wake up early-ish, dress in red, white and blue, head down to the parade and walk around the parade route, maybe eat a hot dog, take some pictures that will look just like the pictures I took last year, then find a spot to watch the fireworks at night.
Last year we made smoothies with strawberries (red), vanilla ice cream (white) and blueberries (duh) for a nice patriotic snack. They came out purple.
This year I’m mixing it up a little bit — just a little — going to a friend’s Fourth of July party in the afternoon by the beach after the parade.
I hope you all enjoy the mid-week celebration of Independence Day!
My Memorial Day/Flag Day/Fourth of July wreath is (still) up on the door, and my boyfriend has even gotten some compliments on it! Teehee.