Another one

Another spider bite has manifested on my thigh, growing to match the one on my calf.

That one is hurting less, though. I’ll live.

What the hell, spider? Can’t you eat bugs like all the other spiders in this house? I let you live when you rid my house of the other bugs.

Now this is personal.

Watch out, spider. I’m coming for you.

What’s the best way to discourage spiders?

Do you kill them or take them outside?

Does someone else do the bug wrangling in your house?

2 comments on “Another one

  1. One night when I was really hot and Eric was working a garveyard shift, I left the blinds partially open and the bedroom door open to better the air circulation. I woke up in the morning with four bug bites on my legs and arms. I am convinced it was a spider in my bed that just went around noshing. I don’t sleep with the blinds or bedroom door open anymore. No bug bites since!

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