Where do you buy running shoes?

Running in the park. Sweaty faces. Should have worn sunscreen.

My running shoes are OLD. They’ve got hundreds of miles on them, and I store them in my car so the heat is not doing them any favors.

I wore out my last pair of workout shoes over a few years. They finally fell apart during a turbo kickbox class. I kicked and the sole had detached. I finished the class, but had to be very, very careful not to trip.

The next day, I went out to SportChalet and bought the lovely pink Adidas shoes I’ve been wearing since. That was more than 2 years ago.

It’s way past time to buy new shoes.

Here’s what I want:

  • Comfort. A previous pair dug into my pinkie toe painfully each time I wore them for months. Eventually, after about 8 months, that feeling finally went away.
  • Running shoes, for street or treadmill.
  • Traction so that if I do body combat or kick box I can jump side to side, and do lunges, without putting all the stress in my calves.
  • Good support.
  • Not too expensive, $150 or less.

Ok Internet. Help me find new shoes!

Is it better to shop in stores so you can try on the shoes?

How often should you replace your workout shoes?

Are there online retailers that will let us return shoes that don’t fit?

What are your favorite brands? Do different shoes work better for different workouts?


4 comments on “Where do you buy running shoes?

  1. road runner sports in costa mesa off the 55.
    they have this thing where they video you running to determine which shoes you need, and you get inserts. the inserts are expensive, but its a one time cost and they will last you a few years.

  2. Michael Doss says:

    I get ’em at whatever big-box sporting retailer has a good sale. I try not to spend more than $60, but I’m cheap like that. I like NewBalance because some of them are still made in the US, but everyone has their preferences.

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