Thursday Three: Books, books and more books

Get yer face off the Internet, and into a book!

Right now, I’m reading “The King of Torts” by John Grisham. So far, it’s interesting but I haven’t been totally pulled in yet. There’s a bit too much about the character’s background and I don’t care as much as the author seems to think.

My mom has been recommending this one for years, so that was my vacation pick. I got about 5 chapters in and switched to Martha Stewart Living magazine. Oops.

This week’s Thursday Three is all about books. Ideas for books to read, reviews of books that other people have already read, and how to release your books into the wild.

  1. Reading in Reykjavík. First of all, Reykjavik sounds like an exotic and super fashionable place to be. (Don’t ask me where I get these ideas, they just appear!) Also, I think one of the fictional characters from Pretty Little Liars lived there for a while.  Either way, tons of ideas for books to read here. Romance, mystery, classics, all of it in one spot.   Plus, she’s got a whole rating system set up to make the judging easier.

  2. Erin’s Library. A little cheating cuz she’s a friend, but Erin gives a pretty good explanation of all the different books she’s been reading, from history to chick lit to hockey books. Reading her descriptions has made me want to incorporate more chick lit into my Books To Read list.
  3. Book Crossing is a system for tracking books that you’ve read, labeled and left out in the world for another person to find and enjoy. I LOVE this idea. It’s brilliant. For books you’re not keeping or swapping, you can send them along and see how they fare. Don’t do this with library books.

Oh, and if you’re about to be in denial that this season of Mad Men is over… here’s a list of books to read after you watch the season finale.

Best places to get books (not counting the library): Powell’s in Portland (the origin of the history book pictured), the Friends of the Library book store (origin of “Orlando” and like 10 cents a book. Can’t beat it), garage sales, and book swaps with friends (Hello, “White Oleander”).

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