Which allergy medicine should I take?

Sneezing or sleeping. These are my choices.

I suffer from allergies.

Fairly uncomfortable, bad allergies the last couple years. Hm… Maybe I’m allergic to my boyfriend. (Just kidding)

Anyway, I’ve been taking Zyrtec the last couple days to deal with the allergies, but when I’ve found that when I take Zyrtec I have serious trouble waking up in the morning.

I spend the first hour of my day groggy, struggling to keep my eyes open or my head up, and knowing that any second I close my eyes I could fall immediately back asleep, into strange dreams about characters from “Secret Life” and high-rise offices and sky writing and storm clouds. And cats that turn into dogs that turn into people who play carnival games.

Oh come on, my dreams cannot be weirder than yours.

Sleeping... and more sleeping... and more...

Sleeping… and more sleeping… and more…

Once I’m out of bed and showered, I fight the groggy feelings all day. Every time I sit down to listen to someone I’m telling myself not to close my eyelids.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I’m thinking of switching to Claritin (or maybe the non-drowsy generic I got on sale at the grocery store for $10).

So, thoughts? What’s the best allergy medication to take?

Is there some holistic magic I can ingest to get rid of the allergies all together?

What would you do? 

2 comments on “Which allergy medicine should I take?

  1. I have a friend who also suffers from allergy and he always bring Antihistamine with him but I don’t actually know the exact brand. He says he doesn’t care as long as its Antihistamine/ anti-allergy. I think it really works for him and I’ve never seen him feel the way you felt when you take those medicines.

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