Am I back? I might be…

I kind of wish I had a really good reason for falling off the blogging bandwagon.

Like, I was kidnapped by friendly aliens, escaped by chewing through the bars and rode a unicorn home to write this post.

Life’s not that weird.

Really, I just haven’t felt like it. Being new to the blog world (and a little paranoid about privacy issues) I’m still considering what to share and what not to share.

While mulling over my thoughts, (which has happened pretty often in the last month or so) I don’t really want to word vomit on this site. I picked up a paper journal — so passe — but I write too slowly for that to be efficient, so that went the way of RubySongbird, with lots of blank pages to stare sadly back at me.

So I’ll see where this mood takes me, and if I don’t blog for a bit, you can find me on Twitter.

Ciao, and have a happy Monday!

One comment on “Am I back? I might be…

  1. Michael Doss says:

    I’ve fallen into the same trap, and I even have “private” anonymous places I write. Gotta go with the flow – sometimes you’ll have a lot to write about, other times you won’t.

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