Visit to the Santa Ana Zoo

Not long ago I took my little cousins on a visit to the Santa Ana Zoo. I was worried it would be boring for them, because I had heard the zoo had more monkeys than anything else and I am not a huge fan of monkeys. I think they are kind of weird looking and I don’t think they are cute.

The Santa Ana Zoo turned out to be the absolute perfect size for their attention spans. Because by the time we walked around the zoo and back toward the entrance, they were tired of walking and getting a little hangry (hungry + cranky/angry = hangry)

The playground and the snack booth saved me. When they spotted the playground suddenly they weren’t tired and wanted to play. So we got some hot dogs (I have never seen anyone eat so much ketchup in my life!) and then they hit the equipment while I caught up with work by cell phone.

The maze, especially, was a huge hit. We must have gone through that thing at least 5 times. They probably would have gone through it at least 5 more if we’d had more time. It was kind of fun watching them pretend that a jaguar was after them. I’ve never seen them run so fast!

And even though we went through the maze over and over on the ONLY path out, they managed to forget the way out by the time we walked through the entrance again.

It’s hard to get pictures of them because one does not like to be in front of the camera.

The anteater was my favorite.

The anteater was my favorite.


Cute! They loved the tiny little monkeys, the ones that are quite furry and the size of an adult's hand. Here we're parrot watching.

These little lovebirds were grooming each other and were not enclosed in a cage.

Love birds.


I won’t show you a picture of the camels because oh boy they scared me.

We walk up to the camel enclosure and everyone is excited to see the camels. Except they’re both lying on the ground on their sides with their legs outstretched, eyes closed. One of the camels has patchy spots of fur and I can’t tell if he’s decaying or shedding in patches. I don’t know if animals even ever shed in patches.

I thought for sure at least one camel was dead and I was dreading having to explain this to my little cousins, who were so excited about visiting the zoo.

And then I saw it.

A breath — a very slight belly movement. I breathed a sigh of relief and said, ‘Oh, look! They’re resting. See? That one is breating!’ And then we moved on. Quickly, because I didn’t want to witness the death of the camels.

I hope those camels are OK. This is why zoos are sad, people.

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