Thursday three: Pictures from Mad Men

Eeeeeekkkk so good. I know it’s no longer Thursday, but we’re just going to pretend it is, anyway.And these maybe aren’t travel links, but… using the faulty logic that TV will port you back in time, just for an hour or so, we’ll pretend that this is OK. There are three of them.

Whatever, I’m sick 🙂 And look! Joan! I’m blaming the long Mad Men hiatus on January Jones’ pregnancy. No idea if that’s actually true, but it seems plausible and she wasn’t even IN this episode so that must mean the show creators agree with me. Bad January, bad.

Oh Roger. Clearly that’s your baby.

Look! It’s Alex Mack!

Did you know Alex Mack was on Mad Men? I didn't!

Oh, Peggy.

We love Peggy.

All images courtesy of AMC

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