What sick looks like at my house

I have a cold. That makes me whiny and self indulgent, which normally are not words that describe me.

When I don’t feel well, its like I’m home from school as a kid. I’m bundled up, on the couch, watching movies and Gilmore Girls reruns. I make myself hot oatmeal with lots of cinnamon and a little milk, just like my mom made me as a kid (though my adult version adds flax seed).


I wasn’t always good at self indulgence. There was a time I worked through colds. I’d be bundled up in bed with my laptop. I even worked from the doctor’s office, the time I was diagnosed with strep throat.

After that, I realized how silly I was being. If I don’t rest, it takes longer to get healthy. So now when I’m sick I get to bed early. I rest. I sleep late, and I take my vitamins.

Usually that’s a multi vitamin, zinc, extra vitamin c. Other people swear by neti pots, chili powder, echinacea, and other things. I’m willing to try almost anything to get rid of the congestion (but the neti pot idea grosses me out).

What’s the best remedy for a cold?