Everything’s back to normal…

I realize I forgot to give an update on little Magellan! It’s been a while since his wound started healing.

To recap: Magellan had a lump on his neck that was growing quickly and starting to impact his eating, so we took him in to the vet. He was on antibiotics for a couple weeks to see if it would go away, but it didn’t. Instead, it got bigger.

The next trip to the vet came with the suggestion that we biopsy or have a surgery to remove it. Since it needed to go either way, we skipped the biopsy and went straight to surgery, about 2 months after we first noticed the lump.

He came out of anesthesia just fine and we kept Magellan separated from Charlie for a few weeks while he healed. They were in cages next to each other so they could talk through the bars and see each other. The vet sent him home with a big gaping hole in his neck, which really grossed me out and made me ridiculously nervous that he would get something in it, get infected and die.

Luckily, that didn’t happen and he healed  just fine. The little piggies are BFFs again and everything is back to normal! If you have a guinea pig, dog, cat, ferret, amphibian, etc. and you’re looking for a veterinarian in Orange County I’ve got a great one to recommend —  All Creatures Care Cottage in Costa Mesa.

If you want more, you can read about his surgery here and an update here.

Yes, this is the most adorable little mouth. Ever.