5 things I’ve learned having long hair: The con list

1.  People no longer tell you how pretty your hair is. They just make observations about its length. ‘oh, your hair is so long!’ I’m aware of that.

2. You use more shampoo — A lot more shampoo.

3. Hair is everywhere. When you brush it, you fill the brush with strays. If you don’t brush it, it falls out all over the damn place and sticks to your clothes. It’s like a freakin’ Dashboard song.

4. Wavy or curly hair is less so because there is more and therefore it is heavier. So hair is straighter.

5.  Hair ties cannot contain your wild locks. A typical goody elastic lasts about 2 days, 3 if you’re lucky, before being stretched past the point of return. Buns are your friend.

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