Thursday Three: Brussels, Bosnia, Belgium

This week’s Thursday Three features Brussels, a tale of a Californian traveling to Bosnia and bringing awareness to the situation there in the 1990s, and Belgium though the eyes of an interior decorator.

1. Brussels. +Bonjour Bruxelles+ is a Blogspot blog that started out as a travel diary from a trip to Brussels and then turned into a general life blog … Obviously I can relate! My own space here was mainly a place to keep in touch with family and friends when we were in Japan, and then devolved into the life blog you’re reading today. One day I hope this will be a space for travel journals once more, but I digress. Check out Bonjour Bruxelles, and enjoy!

Via Bonjour Bruxelles

2. Bosnia. This is my favorite of the three links this week: Bosnia Blog. I found this post: Traveling into War and I think you should read it yourself. Good stuff.

3. Belgium, though the eyes of an interior decorator at Belgian Pearls. It really does not look much different than the interior decorating blogs I see that originate from the U.S. but I do like the style and as always, love the chance to peek into people’s homes and take a glance at the way they live.