Why can’t I comment? and why you suck if you credit Pinterest.

There’s something wrong with me, or there’s something wrong with captcha. I’m pretty sure the problem is not me.

Some of the blogs I follow are hosted by Blogger — that’s the worst offender. I would love to leave a comment, but every time I type my thoughtful paragraph into the comment form, fill out the OpenID for WordPress and type in the “prove you’re not spam” by entering these random letters, I get rejected.

Most of the time my letters are exactly what is shown. Sometimes I have to refresh the captcha 8 or 9 times before one comes up that’s legible. This is not a good system, people. Change it! Captcha does not work.

I’ve got it down to a routine now. I go to the site, try to comment, and after being rejected three times I quit. Plenty of the blogs I am trying to leave comments on, I’ve noticed, only list comments from other Blogger users. Jerks.

If you use a captcha on your site to discourage spam, maybe it’s working, but it’s discouraging me, too.

XKCD has the best idea. Let’s implement this, stat.

And while I’m ranting, can I just say, Pinterest is NOT A PHOTO CREDIT. There is one blog I follow in particular (hosted on Blogger, of course so I can’t leave this comment for her) that consistently, day after day, posts tens of pictures and credits Pinterest.

This annoys me to no end. Is it laziness? Is it ignorance?

Pinterest makes it easy to find the source of a photo. You just click on the photo. Sometimes you have to click it a couple times to trace back, but seriously? Are your fingers broken?

Pinterest did not create those photos. I love Pinterest. I think it’s an incredible concept and I pin tons of stuff.

BUT I have to unfollow this particular blog because it really bothers me that she can’t take the time to give credit where it is due.

There’s a good article here on why most Pinterest boards (assuming you are not a corporation or marketing company, which is increasingly more common there) fall under Fair Use legally and why it’s OK to continue pinning things there.

And another good article here about one author and lawyer who started deleting things from her own Pinterest account. I don’t think anyone has sued them yet, but giving Pinterest your photo credit must open you up for a bevy of lawsuits from the actual photographers or owners of the images you’re posting.

So if you’re one of the people doing this, please stop.