Thursday Three travel links: Azerbaijan, Australia and art

In an effort to make this blog have some semblance of regularity, I’m adding a Thursday Three post and hopefully I can keep this sh*t up every week! To start off, a bunch of things that start with the letter A.

I have had a secret fascination with Azerbaijan since college, when I first became aware of the country near Russia and Georgia (another fascinating country). First of all, the name is fun to say. Let’s do it together: Ah-zir-bai-jaan. Fun, right?

Also, it’s one of the most dangerous countries in the world when it comes to journalism. Reporters are frequently jailed and kidnapped and murdered. And the rate of those crimes being solved and the persons responsible being punished are terrifyingly low — especially when you compare with the rate of solved murders for others in the same country. I’m grateful and in awe of all the people who call themselves reporters and photographers and give their lives to the cause.

Reporters Without Borders is a good place to start if you want to learn more about this. Azerbaijan is sadly not alone as a dangerous place for free press. Some recent and interesting articles here and here. Pretty scary stuff.

1. All that said, let’s not get too depressed. I firmly believe the world is a beautiful place despite all the horrors and photographer and blogger Daniel Feidal has some great photos of the country on his travel guide to Azerbaijan. Link: Azerbaijan! My second home. « Daniel Feidal Photography.

I hope he doesn’t mind my embedding his photo — click on it or the link above to see more.

Azerbaijan photography by Daniel Feidal

2. Australia! Land of the accent I cannot fake. Of kangaroos and boomerangs and nature and coffee. I’ve really enjoyed reading The Plunge Down Under blog lately, about a family that moved to Australia from the U.S. Link: In Search of a Boomerang (and a Didgeridoo) – The Plunge Down Under.

I get that kangaroos are a pest (kind of like Bambis over here) but they are still really cute in pictures and they look like big stuffed animals. I know they won’t ACTUALLY hug me, but I like to think they would anyway.

Click on the pic or one of the links to read more!

The Plunge Down Under

3. Art! Clearly I’m not an artist, but I think it would be pretty darn fun to make a living making things — like sculptures or paintings or other forms that provoke thought. Not one of those ‘found art’ installations involving a single piece of trash or something silly like a clean empty toilet in the middle of a white room. Boooring.

But this! This is pretty cool, by Diane Foug. Totally something I can see as an outdoor art piece in a park or business park.

The business park I where I met my friends for lunch last week had a bunch of colorful artsy things installed in and around the concrete.

Here’s a photo I took on my cell phone when I went back to get my parking ticket validated.


Do you have any suggestions for travel links to check out next week? Leave in the comments, please!