A weekend walk in the park

I’m such a sucker for this park near my house, and one of my favorite things (I know, I have a lot of those…) is to go there for breakfast or lunch, sit outside with the people who have dogs, and then go for a walk around the park. On Sunday we skipped church and had a leisurely day outside.

Every time I go to the park I see something different. The landscaping and inhabitants seem to change in between my visits.

Interesting people come to this park — I’ve seen medieval style duels with wooden weapons, a clan of bagpipe players that frequent the amphitheater in the summer, people taking wedding photos or quinceanera photos, and this time, a group dressed in some sort of native American garb?, dancing and pounding drums. We could hear the drums from the other side of the park. I thought for sure it was the renaissance faire group. I was wrong.

These are some of the photos I took this last weekend on my cell phone:



Starting to look like spring!


What kind of bird is that? We saw a few of them around, but only in singles.


Pink petals flying through the breeze, landing on this pathway.


The trees where the airborne petals originated, and the background on my cell phone this week. I get impatient and change the backgrounds frequently.


If you look closely, you can see the lake.


Sitting inside at the restaurant. I didn’t even know that they had an inside section!


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