Cecilia McDowall’s ‘Magnificat’ and the perils of passing out

Back at holiday time, I sang “Et Miserichordia” from Cecilia McDowall’s “Magnificat.”

This song is hella hard, and I’m not even from northern California. But it’s been a while so I guess it’s time to post this here… I’ll get the excuses out of the way early — It’s not perfect, but with every performance I hope to get a little better at performing.

This performance was special because I had donated blood a couple hours before our call time. A couple of my fellow choir members were pretty pissed off at me. I should have taken the bandage off BEFORE I got to rehearsal, but I didn’t and some people were worried I was liable to pass out. I know myself better, and ate a huge sandwich right before we went on stage. I like to think the altos would have caught me. In reality I would have eaten it on the stage floor in front of about a hundred people.

FYI I donate blood a few times a year and have never passed out. I’m not a fan of needles (who is?!) but they don’t bother me that much even if I look at them, which I try not to. The only time I’ve ever passed out was while trying acupuncture, and that’s an embarrassing story I’ll save for another day.

We’ve got another concert coming up, so if you’re in SoCal, please come have a listen! This time it’ll be Haydn’s “The Creation” toward the end of March with some very talented soloists joining us to make this spectacular!

From 2011 12 The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin

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