Date night!

Last night I had a long awaited date night at my favorite restaurant, Lucca.

The food there is outstanding, and date night is a fun excuse for me to dress up!

We took a couple cheesy pictures in the parking lot, just for you!



This is chocolate creme brule. It is everything I dreamed it would be. The spoon is covering up the big bite I took before I thought to take a picture.


The restaurant, after the dinner rush died out. The couple next to us was clearly on a first date and opened the night with, ‘So, what do you do?’ We’re not sure they are destined to be, what with having absolutely nothing in common and him asking racist stereotype questions all night… but hey, maybe she dug it. Either way, we were both entertained eavesdropping on their date.



My outfit! A strapless dress and red, red lipstain.


2 comments on “Date night!

  1. i love lucca’s! We got there pretty often because it’s so close to work–that should be our next lunch date!

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