Thursday three: Pictures from Mad Men

Eeeeeekkkk so good. I know it’s no longer Thursday, but we’re just going to pretend it is, anyway.And these maybe aren’t travel links, but… using the faulty logic that TV will port you back in time, just for an hour or so, we’ll pretend that this is OK. There are three of them.

Whatever, I’m sick 🙂 And look! Joan! I’m blaming the long Mad Men hiatus on January Jones’ pregnancy. No idea if that’s actually true, but it seems plausible and she wasn’t even IN this episode so that must mean the show creators agree with me. Bad January, bad.

Oh Roger. Clearly that’s your baby.

Look! It’s Alex Mack!

Did you know Alex Mack was on Mad Men? I didn't!

Oh, Peggy.

We love Peggy.

All images courtesy of AMC

Views from the couch

Still sick, and getting really tired of it. But it’s an excuse to make oatmeal, and that I’m ok with.

On Wednesday I went to the farmers’ market and bought on a whim a giant tray of organic strawberries! I also got dandelions for the guinea pigs and potatoes, onion, green beans and garlic for me.


Oh, man, those potatoes were the best thing. Everyone was surprised by how delicious they were, and I’ll be buying more next week! I sauteed them with garlic, lemon pepper and garlic salt, along with the green beans and onion. Yum!

The rest of the day was spent working and eating oatmeal with strawberries. I prefer oatmeal with blueberries, but I didn’t just buy a vat of blueberries, did I?




And… I’m back out.

Listen to your body, people! Mine was telling me I needed more sleep.

I ignored it. Six to seven hours was just fine, thankyouverymuch.

So now I’m being forced to sleep longer. Today I woke up with a sore throat and I’ve been extra tired all day. Early to bed for me.

While I’m sleeping, you can look at this ADORABLE picture of a rescued baby sea otter.Go to their Facebook page if you want more pictures!

You’re welcome.

Oh and before I forget — and in case you were wondering — Haydn’s The Creation concert went fabulously! We had a full house both nights, though Sunday did a little better, and we all sang beautifully. Especially our soloists. They were all kinds of incredible and really wowed both the chorale and the audience. Can’t wait to do it all again in 3 months!

Look at those teeth!

You’d think I won an Oscar, the way I behave!

Ooh look!

7X7 Linky

I feel seriously honored to get this little thing and I’m really excited to do this. Big, big thank you to Capital Clips for the award!

Come on, I’m not the only one who looks for her own name on all the awards lists! This is the first time someone actually tagged me! Yay. Usually I use blog awards lists to fatten my already-way-too-long subscription list in Google Reader.

Plus, I don’t know who reads this besides my mom (Hi, Mom!) and Judy (Hi, Judy!) so it’s really cool that other people know this exists AND think I’m cool enough to win an award. Though after this post, people may think twice (ego, much?).

The 7×7 Link Award comes with some strings. I have to give links to 7 posts of mine in 7 categories, and I get to tag 7 other people.

  1. MOST HELPFUL – To be honest, I don’t think I’m very helpful. But if one post has to get it, it’s probably one of my Tokyo posts about where we went on vacation. Someone visiting Tokyo might find that helpful, though because I posed every night, exhausted, typing on the iPad, they don’t have addresses or any of the normal information a tourist might need.
  2. MOST POPULAR – This post the day that we left the onsen and window shopped in Shimokitazawa. I was writing the blog, at that point, for a few friends and family members who wanted to keep tabs on our trip, so I was surprised that so many people around the world were reading.
  3. MOST BEAUTIFUL – Hands down, the most beautiful pictures came from Day 7 in Japan when we visited Kamakura, the city of temples. If we could go back for only one day, that’s where I’d want to be.
  4. MOST CONTROVERSIAL – Um. None of them? I try to stay away from that stuff. But since I have to choose, my post about sweater organizing could be controversial in some very niche, small circles of very organized people in a strange parallel universe.
  5. MOST SURPRISINGLY SUCCESSFUL – My post on lead being found in lipstick. I blogged it because I was worried and because I had just impulse purchased three tubes of lipstick. And it got oddly high stats online!
  6.  MOST UNDER RATED – For totally personal reasons, I pick this post about how I don’t feel harried when the busy things I am doing are musical. It helped me sort out my mind and feel less guilty about spending time singing and not doing other things (like laundry, yeesh!).
  7. MOST PRIDE WORTHY- Hm. Looking back I think I’m most proud of (recently) taking these pictures on my cell phone during a walk in the park!

Time to bestow the 7×7 Link Award on some new folks:

  1. Two Betties
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  3. Mandoo and Lumpia (even though she’s moving and probably won’t see this!)
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  6. Probably Tabitha
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5 things I’ve learned having long hair: The pro list

Last week I wrote about 5 things I’ve learned having long hair — but they all were kind of negative things, so this week I’ll give you 5 things that are GOOD about having long hair.

1. It’s pretty, and I don’t have to do much to style it.

2. I can tie it in a knot, I can tie it in a bow… true story. I can create a lasting bun using only my hair. Crazy.

3. High ponytails look really cool. Long braids look really cool. Pigtails look odd.

4. There are many, many more hairstyles I could actually wear than I could with short hair — if I took the time to actually do something to my hair : )

5. It reminds me to take better care of my hair — so I’m actually using conditioner every time I wash it, and putting anti-frizz stuff in it. Mmm soft.

Here’s the con list of things I’ve learned having long hair.

Fashion Friday: Concert black

Classical music concert clothes
In reality, I’ll be wearing a black long sleeved dress, black tights and black flats, because that’s our concert attire. But the black long sleeved dress on Polyvore had one of those ugly price tags next to it so I went with the cuter, and less realistic, no-sleeved dress. Seriously, though, how CUTE is that dress?  And it’s supposed to be cold and rainy again, so I’ll need my trusty black coat so I don’t freeze at the reception!