My first attempt at slow cooker-ing

Update at bottom!

I got a slow cooker for Christmas!!

Yes, that was two months ago, and yes, it’s been living in my trunk because I wasn’t sure where to put it. My roommate very sweetly opened a space in the pantry so that it will have a home.

Real Simple magazine did a whole slow cooker set in the February magazine, so I clipped the recipe to my Evernote account and hit the grocery store after choir rehearsal.

Here’s the recipe.

Here’s the before picture:


This is raw chicken, leeks, new potatoes (!), salt and white wine.

By tomorrow evening, hopefully it will be a delicious compilation of flavors. I’ll take the chicken out, add cream and tarragon, and mash some of the potatoes before serving.

Ooh I can’t wait!

I suppose it means I’m an adult being excited about a slow cooker. If it tastes good, I won’t care 🙂

*Update: The slow cooker is making my kitchen smell yummy, but I can’t see into it to check if the meat is done and the instructions say not to lift the lid because you release heat and make your food take longer to cook so I’ll have to be patient.

*Update: The slow cooker chicken was different than I’m used to, but was moist and tasted a little of leeks. Turns out I rather like leeks.
Overall it was yummy and I will for sure make slow cooker meals again! Plus it makes the house smell great.

I think I did the sauce wrong though. It wasn’t as thick as the picture in the magazine.


Shall I redecorate the whole house?

I don’t really decorate. I’ve got hand-me-down furniture that I am emotionally attached to, and I have two roommates with different decorating ideas (one more opinionated than the other) so mostly I just let other people deal with it, and I’m happy with the results.

We have a nice place, if a bit disjointed.

I also don’t decorate my boyfriend’s house. He has his own style and colors he likes, and I think it’s really important for people to have their own space. Especially since there’s a good chance we’ll eventually live together, and when that happens I’m sure I’ll want to decorate.

But… on Friday night he was having people over and asked me to stop at the store on my way home from work and pick up some twinkly lights for the patio. So I stopped at Home Goods, which does not have twinkly lights, it turns out, and instead I bought a cool metal candle holder. And some candles on sale.

I found a really cool octopus serving platter, which I think *someone* might love, but alas I did not buy it.


Seafood tray?

Then I went to Target and bought a red and white patterned serving tray, two boxes of twinkly lights, one box of fancy hanging lights that match the candle holder, some light clips, seat cushions (!) and do you see where this is going?

I decorated the patio!

It turned out really pretty, and of course the party was fun. It had been a long time since I sat around a fire pit talking. It was nice, and not too cold out.

I’m sure we’ll be doing it again.

Behold, the patio!

Twinkly patio!