Body pump = pain

Oh my lord people, what was I thinking??

After weeks of being so busy I didn’t work out, or go to the gym, or even pretend to lift anything resembling a free weight, I thought I could keep up with a Body Pump class using the same amount of weight I had been before…

I did keep up. Yay, me! But I should have done, like, 10 lbs on my squats instead of 20. I know better now.

Holy crap.

BodyPump Group class

BodyPump Group class

After BodyPump last week I was sore for four days. Two of those days I had to slide down the chair just to sit down. And I needed a hand, or a good grip on the furniture, to get myself back upright again. Hoo boy.

I should have lowered my squat/leg weight. Why didn’t I???

Well, because I kept all the other weights at the higher number and that seemed to be fine. I was pretty sore in my arms and chest, but nothing like my legs suffered.

Actually, BodyPump and BodyCombat are my two favorite classes at 24 Hour Fitness. They are both a really intense workout, but you can tailor them to your fitness level. Yoga is like that, too, but I never feel like I got a great workout after yoga. It’s a great stretch, and sometimes I’m sore for a day or so after, but it doesn’t have the same intensity.

Always a glutton for pain (it’s a good sore, really) I went back for another round.

We’ll see if I can get myself out of bed today…