Blog: Lipstick and Lead

We are poisoning ourselves. Did you know that? The FDA found levels of lead in, um, pretty much every lipstick tested.

Some of those are below the legal limit, but WHY is there lead in the lipstick in the first place, huh?

Now, I know that when we buy mainstream makeup it comes with all kinds of horrible, unthinkable chemicals inside that are absorbed into our bodies as we try to make ourselves pretty. I get it.

That’s why for a while I was checking this database on to look up everything I bought and see how crazy toxic it is. For instance, my lipstain, which does NOT COME OFF no matter how much food I eat. Unless I put chapstick on top of it, because it dries the heck out of my skin, and then it flakes off and sticks to my toothbrush and it takes me two days to get the red stain off.

Anyway, pretty much everything you find in the stores will kill you. That’s the price of makeup. And the makeups that are listed on the site as being OK and safe don’t really work. I wanted safe mascara because I have sensitive eyes (and ears and skin…) and all the reviews said the mascara either didn’t really change their look or that it came off really easily. So a little chemical is necessary for what we’re trying to¬†achieve¬†here.

But for a few days lipsticks are ruined for me because I went shopping for house stuff and Revlon lipstick was on sale. I couldn’t decide (I blame decision fatigue!) which lipstick to buy so I got 3: demure, peach and another one that’s pretty much the exact same as demure with a very subtle lighter color. And I’ve been wearing them every day and feeling all fancy-pants in my pretty lipstick.

THEN I read this FDA analysis of lead levels in lipstick (say that three times fast), and now I’m just a teeny bit worried when I put the lipstick on, so I’ve mostly been sticking to colorless chapstick. Which smells lovely, but is not making my lips any more colorful.

I really don’t want to end up with worry lines from my mild concern every time I put makeup on, but I don’t see a way around it yet.

Tips? Tricks? Ideas?

Am I being paranoid for nothing?

Would you just throw away all of your shiny new three lipsticks?