Fashion Friday: Elusive leopard

OK Folks, I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of leopard print shoes for a really long time.

I see the cutest shoes on other people but all the shoes I saw out in stores looked cheap or trashy or cost more than $100. Sometimes all three.

And then… I stopped in three shoe stores one day and at Target I found adorable, comfortable leopard print flats that are not too expensive!  I bought the same shoes in red 🙂 You might remember those from this other post when I hung out in the coffee shop all morning when my meeting got cancelled.

I also recently got really, really cute wedges that were a belated Christmas present after much sending back and forth with The Zappos people were super nice, btw. You can see those on this post where I wore them ALL DAY and to a 2-hour concert rehearsal where I was standing most of the time. By the time I got home I practically had to peel the darn things off my feet.

So these leopard print shoes are flats and they don’t give my feet blisters, so it’s really a win for everyone. 🙂




Happy Fashion Friday, everyone!

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How do I get down?


“What’s out here?”

Little man has returned to his home! The vet says he’s healthy enough to go back in the cage with Charlie! I’m soooo glad to be cleaning one cage instead of two, and for the little guys to have constant company again. Also he only needs medicine once a day, so hoping he’ll stop fighting me and just take it.

Charlie was happy too, popcorning all over the cage while Magellan explored minor changes and moved furniture.