Manic Monday

Yesterday was the start of 10 days of crazy scheduling. My next free night is Valentine’s Day!

By then I’ll be a mushy pile of ‘needs more sleep,’ and my greatest v-day wish will be wearing pink sweatpants and the really really soft socks I got for Christmas. I’m high-maintenance, I know.

Right now looking at my calendar gives me a little anxiety. Its just one thing after the other at work all week, though I am doing a few great projects and am loving my job. So when the morning meeting was canceled I settled into Its a Grind’s comfy chairs and ordered a latte.

As for  extracurriculars, man, am I glad I’m no longer in school! A good chunk of my nights this week will be spent singing in Long Beach or with my church choir, since music makes my soul happy.

If I can stay on top of everything this week I’ll win the Wonder Woman award. I’ll award it to myself, since I just made that up. 🙂 

My latte is empty.