Girl Scout cookie time…

Is it strange that Girl Scout cookies basically have their own season? And one that everyone pays attention to, even more than spring or summer or fall?

It’s impossible to escape. Life goes on as normal but everywhere you go there are adorable little girls yelling their sales pitch from every street corner and the entrance to every Trader Joe’s.

How do you say no to such cute little expectant faces?

You can’t. At least not the first time.

But once those cookies are in the freezer and you’ve safely eaten a few, it’s a little easier to say ‘no, thank you.’

As much as I want to support every single Girl Scout troop in every city I frequent, it’s just not possible. So this year I will limit myself to just a couple boxes, and try not to eat an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting while I watch Vampire Diaries. It’ll be hard, I know. I’m sure you feel my pain.

As a kid, the Thin Mints were the best. Hands down. No contest.

But tastes change, and now I’ve gotta say, the Samoas are the best.Even though they are probably the most unhealthy for you (I didn’t just make that up – I read it here.)

Via the Huffington Post

So I’ll try to eat the cookies mindfully, knowing I’m supporting a good cause, and my sweet tooth. I might have to hide a couple boxes somewhere for myself to discover in 6 months when I’ve forgotten all about them 🙂

Have your favorite cookies stayed the same? It can’t just be me who’s discovered new tastes..