Update: Guinea pig Magellan’s surgery

Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts yesterday! Magellan went in for a lumpectomy and came out just fine.

The vet did not find a tumor, but he did find an abscess, which he drained. So for the next couple days Magellan has a gaping open wound and I will put warm compresses on it a few times a day to help it drain further. He goes back to the vet on Thursday to see if it’s drained enough they can put his skin back together.

It’s been really hard to do the compress. I know he’s in pain and it’s really gross to look at when I’m holding him. It’s not so bad when he’s in the cage. I’m terrified he’s going to get hay or something stuck in the hole and I’ll have to get it out. Even with the compress he gets wild eyes. He’ll get an anti inflammatory once a day and antibiotics twice a day. Those are a little easier because he likes the taste.

He seemed pretty happy to be home. He spent a few minutes purring as I pet him after putting him in his new, temporary cage.

And after all this, the vet says the abscess could fill up again, so we’ll have to watch him closely.  After he came home from the vet he seemed happy, exploring his cage and biting through the bars at his buddy across in the other cage. They have to be separated while he heals. But today, he’s much more lethargic. I wonder if the pain medication has worn off. He got excited for a cucumber but hasn’t eaten all of it yet.

I worry about leaving him during the day in case something gets into his wound. I suppose I shouldn’t worry so much. I also think I have a cold so that might be contributing to my exhaustion.

But it was pretty adorable watching him explore his new cage, checking out all the corners and moving his new cardboard box just where he wants it.

I know some people think I’m totally crazy for taking my guinea pig to the vet and for paying for his surgery, but those same people would do the same thing for a dog or cat. I’m of the mind that if you have a pet, you are responsible for that pet’s life, no matter what kind of animal it is. These little animals rely on us, and it would be terrible to know there is something wrong with them and to just leave it alone. It does not matter what they cost in the pet store — these are tiny lives we care for and to me that’s much more important.

This is one high-maintenance pet for a while.

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