Just like Thanksgiving dinner

In my winter-long quest to find vegetables other than zucchini that might take place as the standby vegetable, I pulled out this recipe from Thanksgiving.

A few years back I made the standard Campbell’s soup mushroom and green bean casserole. It was delicious but not quite healthy and people really seemed to like it..

But this year I wanted to try NOT to add to my family’s high blood pressure and cholesterol, so I found a much better recipe that actually turned out tastier than the canned soup version! And in this one, there’s only one canned ingredient – French fried onions.

You cook green beans on the stove or boil them in water. In a separate pan, saute sliced mushrooms in a little oil and add seasoning (I used garlic salt and Italian herb mix). When you’re ready to eat, combine the two and sprinkle some French fried onions on top!

Voila! And there you have a really yummy veggie side dish that is not zucchini.

Only a couple sad green beans remained at the end of this meal.


As you can see, we had other food too. Really, really good fish and the quick cooking risotto!

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