Exchanging gifts.

Excited, I handed over my Christmas gift bag, nearly bursting with what’s inside, tissue paper poking out of all the sides.

Slowly, he removes the tissue paper and pulls out the wrapped chocolate brown fuzzy blanket inside. It’s the perfect size for two people. No more need to make “mega blanket” by overlapping two smaller blankets and sitting really close together. This sucker can spread across the couch, covering three people if necessary. So soft I want to rub  my face in it.

I open my present slowly, saving the tissue paper and trying not to rip the packaging. I see chocolate brown, soft fabric.

Guess what? It’s a blanket.

Super soft warm blanket that’s just the right size for two people.

Sometimes, couples think alike.

Looks warm, doesn't it?

2 comments on “Exchanging gifts.

  1. Wow! Nice blanket! It looks so warm and cute. 🙂

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