Accidental chicken dinner

Around here we’re gluten free in the evenings and gluten full in the day…

The other night dinner was whatever ended up in the grocery basket on a whim. My best advice if you’re shopping while hungry is to take a partner who will put BACK on the shelf the licorice, Ben & Jerry’s, chocolate malt balls…

We ended up with mushrooms, chicken and lots of yummy for dinner.


We had zucchini again and though I am SO SICK OF ZUCCHINI I cut mine into tiny circles and was able to eat all of my piece that way…. by pretending it’s a different vegetable.

5 comments on “Accidental chicken dinner

  1. thats funny i have been craving zuchinni lately!! I love it! that looks delish too!

  2. mandala56 says:

    Bacon and chicken! Oh yeah.

  3. Inez says:

    Yummy! Ahh grocery shopping on an empty stomach is dangerous business. Good idea to have a “spotter”! Are you growing zucchini in your garden?

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