Red pants make their debut

Finally, I found a day to wear the red pants that have been hanging in my closet, waiting for just the right moment.

I felt pretty good about this outfit and the only kind-of-negative thing that happened was when I stood up from my desk and a colleague said, “Wow, you’re bright today!” Apparently the pants don’t shine so loudly when I am sitting down.

Without further ado, here’s my outfit!

The pants are red, the shirt and jacket are black.


These are the shoes I wore out in Japan. I keep meaning to replace them but they are so darn comfortable and I just love the little jewelies on the top. They don't have any red in them, but they are reflecting my pants.


I might feel a little silly posing for the self-timer on my camera as people are walking down the street... I did it for YOU.

6 comments on “Red pants make their debut

  1. Michael Doss says:

    Thank you for doing it for me.

  2. Roxanne says:

    So thoughtful! Great pants, and I love the necklace, I love the shoes too. I would wear those till there were holes in the soles.

  3. You look beautiful, dahling!!! Pants, shoes, jewelry…. My dear you have style.

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