The travel bug – it’s a disease

Sitting in my room on a very cold January night I spend my final minutes perusing travel blogs before I go to sleep. I thought I would have fine dreams of trips abroad, whisking myself away on trains and planes.


Instead I had a really strange dream about a gigantic front lawn, my roommate’s sister’s family and living in a large white house — though the inside was the size of our apartment. And we cooked grilled cheese.

Not exactly globetrotting.

Instead, my travel blog addiction becomes a daydream. And I’ll share with you some of my favorites at the moment. Since I haven’t actually set up my New Year’s goal to open a savings account for a future trip to Italy (or England, maybe), this is all dreamin’.

Lordy, do I love this view. I would walk along here wearing scarves and contemplating very heavy topics, I assure you.

Now, how do we get me there?? Whose couch can I crash on?

This blog, Going Dutch and loving it, has some absolutely glorious pictures of a field of crocuses. I would rock the heck out of a picnic there! Click the links for more pictures.

These old buildings at Thorsten Koerner’s Blog are gorgeous as well. I know absolutely nothing about architecture but I adore looking at old buildings and imagining what it was like when they were built. I love the idea of living in an old house — something with character and history — but I hate the idea that your plumbing could burst at any time just because it’s goodness knows how old. Our apartment was built in the 70s, I think, and there are days I feel like the whole thing should just be knocked over and rebuilt. Anyway… Here’s a sample from the blog on Rattenberg.

Thorsten Koerner´s Blog

I wasn’t going to link to this blog with pictures of Seattle because it’s simply not that far away, and because I’ve been there, so I have my own pictures of the city and our own trip to the Space Needle, but …then I saw this picture.

And it kind of looks like Brigadoon, like the house just appeared with all its occupants and could disappear at any moment. It might be disappearing right now, for all we know.

So, here’s Seattle.

My Hometown is Better Than Yours

Sweet dreams, friends!

3 comments on “The travel bug – it’s a disease

  1. mrsbr says:

    Follow your dreams!.. I’m trying.

  2. I understand completely. I too, suffer from a serious case of travel addiction.

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