Why is that tree upside-down?

Well, the tree is gone. And the decorations have been tucked back into their plastic boxes in the garage, never to be seen again … well, until next year.

The house looks so empty and boring without all the green and red everywhere!

We took off all the ornaments a couple days ago. We didn’t want to remove the lights because that’s just one step closer to the end of the holidays.

Last night we tore that band-aid off.

My roommate and I picked up that 6-foot monstrosity –  including the stand with water in it –  and half-dragged, half-carried it to our doorway, where it wouldn’t fit through the door.

You see, when we brought the tree home, our kind gentleman neighbor carried it sideways through the entry and planted it firmly in our living room.

So we were giggling, loudly, as we forced the tree through the door frame, popping the top branch and spraying dry needles all over the place. We got it through, but were so loud about it that all the neighbors heard us.

I swear, it was like we were in a movie. Heads popping into windows to see what was going on below. The guy across the way was outside smoking and ran over to help us carry the tree down to the trash bin area.

Chivalry is not dead, folks!

I don’t even know how this happened, but we ended up flipping the tree over, pointy side down, and dumping it next to the trash bins.

So now the holidays are officially done. There’s no more dying evergreen in our house and the living room has been restored to its boring previous self.

It’s kind of nice having a relatively empty social calendar for a while, but I am a little sad that another year has passed and the holidays fly by quicker every time.

Anyone else feeling a little holiday letdown?

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