Yes, I bought red pants

Professionality | The lesson here is that you can mix prints and….

Call it a splurge – after Christmas sale shopping – or a moment of insanity.

I bought myself red pants. They are mid-calf, bright red slacks I thought would  be perfect for work.

Then I took them home, and only hung them in the closet yesterday.

They are soft and bright and look lovely, and I hope they expand my office wardrobe a little bit. I hope they won’t call too much attention to me.

But when I saw the Professionality post on reds and leopard prints, I smiled because I can totally justify my purchase now.

Red pants, here I come!

4 comments on “Yes, I bought red pants

  1. ooo daring! now for a picture…

  2. Roxanne says:

    You are a brave woman! And i agree we must see a picture…

  3. rubysongbird says:

    Okay, okay! I’ll post a picture when I wear them… I haven’t actually worn them outside yet 🙂

  4. […] swear I will post real pictures of myself wearing my red pants, when I finally put them on! I looked all over the New York & Co. website, but couldn’t […]

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