Taking the Blogger Call to Action

Blogger Call to Action: Please Help Me Happy-Dance « Kana’s Chronicles.

Kana’s Chronicles pointed out a while ago (um, in November, to be exact), that WordPress’s OnSwipe viewer for iPad doesn’t let readers click ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the blog.

“I can not follow your blog from the OnSwipe mobile view.”

OnSwipe also gets rid of all the pretty bloggy colors and themes and standardizes each blog. I have to say, I really like the way it pulls my pictures out to the front page and allows each photo to link to a separate post. I think it looks lovely and I don’t mind at all that the theme I set for the webpage is missing. This also happens in Google Reader (and maybe other readers, too?) but as long as the text and pictures are there and look nice, I won’t complain.

However, I do want people to be able to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ posts and the blog from their iPads or mobile phones, so I have changed my settings a little.

If you’re reading from the iPad, a reader program, or your phone, please let me know what you think of the new format!

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