Welcoming a new year!

Hello readers! I hope you had a great start to 2012, the year the world (doesn’t) end.

I rang it in with my darling sister and boyfriend. Lots of loud noises and a little bit of fire…


Today is the day for making those lists. You know, remembering all you did last year and deciding what goals and resolutions to make.

A few of my goals:

Run a 5k

Go wine tasting

Host a small dinner party

And resolutions:

Keep my weight down

Start saving for a trip to Italy

Spend 10 min a day cleaning the house

Buy things made in the US whenever possible

Keep me accountable, folks!


One comment on “Welcoming a new year!

  1. What great goals and resolutions! I wish I had better ones… running a 5k!? 🙂 And buying US is a pretty fantastic one, too! I think one of mine is to use my reusable shopping bags as much as possible! =P

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