Please think positive thoughts!

Magellan is at the vet’s office now, under observation before his lumpectomy.


He’s had a big lump in his neck for a while. He had a week of banana flavored antibiotics but that didn’t fix it (though he took his doses like a champ!) and, unfortunately, the thing kept growing. If we left it, eventually it would have interfered with his eating habits, and then what would he do all day?

So back to the vet where we scheduled his lumpectomy. We did pass on the biopsy to save a couple hundred dollars. The lump has to come out no matter what it is.

So if you have a few minutes today, think some positive thoughts towards my little pet while he gets put under anesthesia.

If all goes well, he’ll be home this afternoon!


Beachy weekend, but no sand

This was a super busy weekend, and we did a TON of stuff Friday and Saturday – starting out with a really fun game night party Friday night (I rocked Taboo, not gonna lie), then I worked all day on Saturday, hit the gym and then to a birthday dinner/drinks which was also really fun. And though I didn’t get home until 1:30AM I wasn’t tired! This means I’m not old yet! Celebrate ­čÖé

Sunday Funday was the best, though, with brunch  out with friends at Sugar Shack, one of my favorite places to eat breakfast in OC.

Main Street in HB

Courtesy of Surf City USA. No car show this weekend, but I've heard that Surf City Nights are really fun, especially in October around Halloween.

I highly recommend going, waiting for a table on the front patio facing Main Street, and spend your time leisurely eating pancakes and people-watching. We saw many cute dogs, a very sad sign for a lost bunny rabbit, and stopped for gelatto.

Definitely a win.

And since the front was so crowded, we got seated a little early by taking a table on the back patio, which is shaded and has a really cool mural wall. It’s also quieter back there without all the people walking past.

All their food is really good and regular breakfast food, so it’s good if you’re not looking for anything exotic. Just eggs, pancakes and hash browns here.

Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack back patio Via

I also really like the macadamia nut pancakes next door at No Ka Oi, and actually was daydreaming about those pancakes while we waited for Sugar Shack, but had already kind of committed to the restaurant. Next time, though. Next time.