100 Things to be Happy About: Part 6/Finale

81. Long hot bubble baths.

82. Wearing hats!

83. A strenuous yoga session followed by total relaxation.

84. Playing in the snow!

Snow, hats... all kinds of goodness. Do you feel like I'm leaning toward the right in EVERY photo?

85. Inside jokes and looking back at the ridiculous notes my friends and I wrote thinking we were brilliant in high school.

86. Take out for dinner. I don’t do it more than a few times a month but I really enjoy the novelty of it. Particularly the dinner meals at Thai Gulf!!

87. Spending time alone. My Meyers-Briggs says I’m on the border of introvert/extrovert so it does make sense that I seriously enjoy my alone time.

88. Old but good movies.

"His Girl Friday"

89. Country music. And having two country radio stations. (What doesn’t make me happy is when they are both playing commercials. That’s when I switch over to NPR or play a CD)

90. My church. Because the people there are super friendly and genuinely nice, and because they totally  make sense.

91. Holidays. All of them.

92. Enjoying a really good salad. Because salads should always be delicious, but they aren’t always.

93. Writing letters on Wonder Woman stationary like a 12-year-old.

94. Vodka tonic with lemon. And girls’ night out martinis.

95. Having a friend who knows exactly who to call when you’re tipsy on a street corner 🙂 (We could also file this under ‘memories.’)

96.  Getting dressed up but not because I have to.

97. Cleaning. I don’t always enjoy the cleaning part, but looking at the result sure makes me happy.

98. Flossing my teeth. I know this is weird. But we’re near the end and I’m running out of the cool things to say. I feel like I’m responsible when I floss, and I like feeling that there’s no food between my chompers.

99. Cheering on sports teams and joining the crowd in a chant or the wave.

100. Finishing this list!

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100 Things to be happy about

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