Merry Eve of Christmas Eve!

Though I suppose by the time I finish this post it will be Merry Christmas Eve.

Oh well.

It’s been another crazy day, but darn it, I got my nails painted red for the holidays AND I found an awesome gift for one of my little cousins.


Red, blue and white for the holidays!


At least a year ago I went to a mustache party where the host handed out fuzzy mustache stickers to all of the guests. I wore mine as long as I could take it (it got itchy!) and when I got home promptly stuck it to my bedroom door, where it stayed.

When my little cousin was here for a sleepover she asked me about the mustache and if it was a sticker. The whole next day she asked at every store we went to if they sold mustache stickers. None of the places we went had them.

Then today I found a pack of 7 mustache stickers for $6.50! One for every day of the week! She is going to be so excited.

This is one of those things where her parents will be very confused, but I’m about to make a little girl happy!

Now it’s time for me to get some sleep before a long Christmas Eve!

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