There’s really a word for that?

Kummerspeck Literally, “grief bacon.” A German word meaning weight put on through emotional overeating. (via Reddit)

That is the one thing I learned today.And just in time for Christmas dinner! Though this would be accurate at Thanksgiving too. How many pieces of pie did I have? I lost count around #3…

I imagine that ‘grief bacon’ would be very salty and not nearly as tasty as regular or turkey bacon. Need I remind you that bacon is delicious? And while I may not particularly like cats, this is just adorable.

Kitteh! Via Pinterest

Sorry for the lack of posting. I’m down to the last 5 gifts to buy and then all the wrapping, and not having days off work and the parties… it’s been crazy town over here.

I hope you are all having a lovely season!

2 comments on “There’s really a word for that?

  1. love that pic. thats how i feel about bacon too.

    BTW–ralphs is having a 50% off bacon sale. our favorite–farmland thick bacon–is only $2.50 and it’s usually $3.99. yeah i stocked up, and i think i may go again.

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